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Advertise a job

Looking for great staff? You know you have great candidates if they are a member of their professional association.

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Terms and Conditions for advertisers

By advertising on the OTNZ-WNA website you agree to the following conditions:

  • Submit an application form via the online form alerting us to a ‘waiting’ job advertisement with all information you wish to advertise included. We aim to process these as soon as possible, however we ask that you please allow 3-5 working days for your job to be processed. If you wish to follow up or send a form manually, contact membership@otnz.co.nz
  • Even if the billing details are the same as the contact information, we ask that you please enter these details in the required fields below to avoid any issues with invoicing. Please be assured that these details will not be shared publicly.
  • By submitting this application to the OTNZ-WNA, the advertiser agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined on this page. Unless specifically notified and agreed in writing by OTNZ-WNA, OTNZ-WNA has no liability or obligations other than the ones described by the terms and conditions.
  • The advertisement will be displayed until the advert expiry date.  Vacancies with an open end date will be displayed for 4 weeks from the upload date.  If the advertiser would like it to be displayed for longer, additional advertisement charges apply.
  • OTNZ-WNA will generate an invoice on receipt of the job vacancy submission form with payment to occur within seven days of receipt, unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Composite advertising is not permitted. One advertisement per position only.
  • OTNZ-WNA reserves the right to decline any advertisement.
  • If you have specific dates as to when you want us to advertise your role, simply send us an e-mail at membership@otnz.co.nz. Please be sure to indicate your intended advert.

Advertising rates

The cost of advertising a vacancy is $161 GST Incl.  The advertising rate covers advertising until the closing date of your application (maximum 4 weeks.) The cost to extend the same advertisement for another 4 week period is $115 GST Incl.

This rate includes:

  • Advertisement of your role on our website.
  • Advertisement of your role on our public social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter), unless otherwise specified by the advertiser.

Other methods of online advertisements we offer can be found by clicking here.

Edits or substantial changes to submitted job vacancy advertisements may incur a charge at a minimum rate of $57.50 GST Incl

Any advertisement may be refused or removed from the web site if full payment for the relevant period is not received within seven days of invoicing.

These terms and conditions may be modified at any time by OTNZ-WNA.

Social Media

For a short advertisement on up to two of our social media platforms, there will be a charge of $35 plus GST.

How to advertise

To advertise fill out the form below which send the vacancy through to our team. If you find that the form will not submit please email your job vacancy through to membership@otnz.co.nz and or phone our office on 04-473-6510.

Remove job from website, e.g. if it has been filled already. Jobs that have expired will automatically not display.

Please insert the contact name for billing with your email address

If known please add in the purchase order or billing reference for this vacancy

Please choose any combination: