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Advertise on ‘Supervisor Register’

Please complete this online form if you would like to advertise on our members only ‘Supervisor Register’.

Click here to view our current listings on the OTNZ-WNA Supervisor Register*

Click here to download a hard copy version of the form below. Please send the completed form through to otnz@otnz.co.nz

Please contact the OTNZ-WNA office if you would like to amend your details currently listed.

*NOTE: you must be a current OTNZ-WNA member to view the register

Cost to advertise:

  • OTNZ-WNA members: $0.00
  • Non members: $144.00 + gst (you will be invoiced once your advertisement has been accepted).

Please DO NOT include any personal details that you DO NOT want displayed on your advertisement.

All personal details submitted will be uploaded with your advertisement (excluding the final question for non members).

If your billing address is different from the details included above, please include your billing details here. These will NOT be included in your advertisement.