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Advertising rates

Rates quoted are $NZ and include 15% New Zealand goods and services tax (GST). Prices are subject to change at the discretion of OTNZ-WNA. For a quote, e-mail [email protected] with all relevant information regarding what you would like advertised.

OT Insight and the New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy

Print advertising is managed by our publisher.  Please request a rate card from Pam Chin at Adprint  60 Cambridge Terrace, WELLINGTON 6011. Phone: +64 4 384 2844; Fax: +64 4 384 3265; Email [email protected].

Please contact the Office directly ([email protected]) to discuss advertorials. Full page advertorials cost $850 plus gst.

Targetted Mailchimp Sendout

A beautifully formatted MailChimp to all members.  The cost is $95 plus GST for the first e-mail – We also offer targetted MailChimps to specific SIG’s (see below)

Special interest group (SIG) email

A beautifully formatted email to a select group of members.  The cost is $95 plus GST for the first SIG, then $35 plus GST for each one there-after plus GST. Book a SIG email here.


Prices vary according to duration, starting at $275 plus GST.  Book using our online form.

Social Media

For a short advertisement on up to two of our social media platforms, there will be a charge of $35 plus GST.

Events calendar

Your event featured on our online calendar and CPE, costs $100 plus GST.

Partnering and exhibition

We are currently selling partnership and exhibition opportunities for the 2019 Occupational Therapy Conference at the Waipuna Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand between 23 – 25 September.