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Call for Abstracts: closed


Embracing Partnerships Te Kii Tuhono: the OTNZ-WNA 2016 clinical workshops has a strong focus on raising the profile, the political environment and the future sustainability of the occupational therapy profession.

The programme committee advise abstract submissions to the 2016 clinical workshops are closed.  After a review of submissions the committee may call for further abstracts.

Inter-professional collaborative models for health service delivery are critical for improving access to client-centered health care.  The responsiveness of the health system can be strengthened through effective collaboration. When we embrace partnerships, everyone benefits.

We aspire for these workshops to address the depth and breadth of the partnerships we engage in with our fellow nga kaiwhakaroa ngangahau, our allied health and primary care colleagues, our educators, our regulators and our professional association.

Being a confident partner and a sought-after health professional means occupational therapists:

  • are able to value the expertise they bring to the table and leverage complementary strengths
  • know themselves and have clarity of role for themselves and others
  • are able to communicate and demonstrate the efficacy and impacts of occupational therapy across the board and in their chosen field
  • can support their practice with occupational science, current best practice and evidence base.
  • have a good understanding of the environment within which their unique profession sits, and have the confidence to influence leaders and decision-makers in their world-view.

The clinical workshops called for abstracts with the following themes as a guide:

  • Demonstrate impacts
  • General and professional issues
  • Transition to practice
  • Health & wellness