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Competency training

Kia ora koutou

The OTNZ-WNA Council recently approved the establishment of a steering committee to develop an interactive online professional development course to support practitioners with the Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand (OTBNZ) Competency 2, “Practicing appropriately for bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand”.

The steering committee have produced the following guiding purpose statement:
“We aim to produce a dynamic online interactive learning experience that provides opportunities for occupational therapists to demonstrate best practice, to practice appropriately and effectively in bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand, and deliver services that work for Māori clients”.

The course will be kept current and its value accessible in perpetuity. Whilst initially an online learning portal, face to face, webinars, workshops and road shows are a likely second stage outcome for this project.

Outcomes sought:

  • an online tool that is flexible, long term and sustainable
  • increased knowledge skills and competence to practice
  • evidence of self-reflection and application of learning in the occupational therapists’ daily work.

We will keep you posted on the progress of this very important piece of work. Council looks forward to seeing you at  Embracing Partnerships Te Kii Tuhono 2016 clinical workshops in September, as in collaboration with the Board we will provide substantial training on this competency.

So we can best serve your needs, please complete a brief survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RTH3N88 

Nga mihi nā
Karen Molyneux
President OTNZ-WNA