Dr Diana and Mark Kopua 2018 Clinical Workshops Keynote Speakers presenting – Mahi-a Atua ‘a way of being’ a way of life…..

Mahi-a-Atua is far more than a just an approach or a model of working but a “way of being”, a way of life, that in practice, employs traditional Maori creation and custom stories, the purakau of atua Maori as a healing by connectivity. Oranga Whakapapa.

Our encounters, challenges and resolves often reflect those very same things that our Atua Maori experienced. So purakau Atua create frameworks that allow whanau to see, analyse and discuss in creative ways their own stories and how to navigate forward.

The Mahi-a-Atua way of being and working is the cornerstone of the Te Kuwatawata, Single Point of Entry service in the Tairawhiti that has not only captured those whanau who would normally not come into MH services but is also capturing a large national audience, keen to understand the Mahi-a-Atua way.

Join us at the OTNZ-WNA 2018 Clinical Workshops in Napier between 16-19 September and be inspired by Dr Diana and Mark Kopua; attend our diverse range of workshops;  enhancing your professional development, networking with fellow OT health professionals and enjoy the beauty of Napier.  Limited tickets available – Clinical Workshops Registration