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Online Courses & Training

Difficulties with Handwriting: Practical tips for practical people

An online course for anyone who supports children in kindergarten or school to become a literate person. Member Rita Robinson presents practical solutions and techniques that can assist with three very common problems for children who experience difficulties with handwriting including pencil grasp, letter formation and self monitoring skills. DURATION: 2 hrs

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Helping Children with Autism (Occupational Therapy Australia)

This online learning program provides the tools for occupational therapists to deliver evidence-based interventions for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. This course covers the following areas:

  •  What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A Framework for Intervention
  •     The Occupational Therapy Process for working with children with an ASD and their families
  •     Informal Assessments
  •     Formal Assessments
  •     The Evidence Base for Occupational Therapy Interventions
  •     Occupational Therapy Interventions
  •     Working with families of a child with ASD.

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Living Well with Chronic Pain: A Practical Theory for Clinicians

Presented by Dr. Bronwyn Thompson

There’s a group of people living with chronic pain that we clinicians rarely encounter: people who have resolved their main concern about pain and who go about their daily lives without distress or disability. I think we can learn a great deal about resilience from this group, and in this talk I will present a theory of living well derived from interviews with people who have chronic pain.

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