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  • Ergo in a Suitcase

  • Ruth (Ruut) Schlüter - mobile OT in Wellington
  • 022 458 4511
  • ruut-ot@ergoinasuitcase.nz
  • https://www.ergoinasuitcase.nz/Home.html
  • Ergo in a Suitcase
    PO Box 28024
    Wellington 6150

  • Wellington/Waiarapa
  • Rehabilitation, Activities of Daily Living - Assessment and Treatment, Older Person’s Health and wellbeing, Child health; Learning and Development, Mental health and wellbeing, Participation at home and community, Living well with Long Term Conditions
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  • "Ergo in a Suitcase" is a mobile Wellington based Occupational Therapy Service, which offers client-centred home based intervention for cognitive, developmental, sensory, physical and emotional challenges.

    "Ergo in a Suitcase" was established in August 2015 to support those, who are not eligible for government funded services or wish for private hands-on intervention.

    The sole practitioner Ruth Schlüter (pronounced Ruut) has many years of experience as Occupational Therapist in Germany and New Zealand having worked holistically with many clients and their families clients with various conditions and in different settings.

    “Ergo in a Suitcase” offers an initial consultation free of charge in order to explore presenting concerns, skill levels, goals and hopes followed by suggestions of occupational intervention options.

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    Services Provided:

    • Mobile Occupational Therapy for all ages and stages:
    • in home assessment & treatment for developing, improving, regaining & maintaining daily life skills
    • sensory integration, neurorehabilitation, fine-motor and handwriting training, joint protection, concentration and attention training
    • practical hands-on skills for family/ whanau.