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  • Healthskills (NZ) Ltd

  • Bronwyn Lennox Thompson
  • 027 270 4225
  • admin@healthskills.co.nz
  • https://healthskills.wordpress.com/
  • 9 Gresham Tce
    North New Brighton

  • Canterbury
  • Worker safety; assessment and rehabilitation, Workplace Health; Safety Design and Training, Living well with Long Term Conditions
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  • Addresses a range of issues to do with living well including intimacy, sleep, confidence to engage in a range of occupations, return to work, remaining in work, effective communication, mood management, anxiety management and fatigue management.
    Has a particular interest in working with women who have fibromyalgia, and both men and women with pelvic pain.

    Services Provided:

    • Provides private occupational therapy services for people living with chronic pain.

    Contact: admin@healthskills.co.nz, or  or bronwyn.thompson@clear.net.nz