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  • Independent Living Ltd

  • Jackie Doherty
  • 04 478 6482
  • 04 478 6483
  • ot@independentliving.co.nz
  • http://www.independentliving.co.nz
  • PO Box 13-517

  • Wellington/Waiarapa
  • Rehabilitation
  • Company information

  • Established in 1993, Independent Living provides a range of professional Assessment and Rehabilitation Services within the greater Wellington Area region.

    Services Provided:

    • Independent Living Limited specialises in the assessment and rehabilitation of a person's functional needs utilising the collective skills of our team of New Zealand registered Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Rehabilitation Coaches.
    • We match our extensive skills and experience to a broad spectrum of needs arising from:
    • - Injuries - specialising in spinal injury
    • - Medical and Surgical conditions
    • - Neurological conditions - specialising in brain injury
    • - Psychological conditions
    • - Age related conditions
    • - Work related conditions
    • The team's professionalism, commitment, and reputation for taking that extra step has earned the company an enviable reputation for; carrying out comprehensive assessments that clearly identify the needs of the client, recommending the appropriate services and/or equipment as well as developing rehabilitation programmes that enable the client to reach their optimum level of independence in both vocational and social activities.
    • The development of rehabilitation programmes that identify goals to independence is an integral part of our service. We are proud of our reputation for providing one of the most comprehensive assessment and rehabilitation services in the Wellington region and work tirelessly to maintain that reputation.