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  • Lyndal HENRY

  • Lyndal Henry
  • 0274598062
  • lyndalhen@gmail.com
  • 26 Banks Street New Plymouth

  • Taranaki
  • Home and Community Environment assessment, Rehabilitation, Activities of Daily Living - Assessment and Treatment, Child health; Learning and Development, Workplace Health; Safety Design and Training, Learning & Development
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  • I provide private OT services for children and adults. Specialising in TBI,Autism, ADD, ADHD, APD (auditory processing disorder), and Dyspraxia.

    I also offer work site assessment.

    i am a level one Tomatis provider

    Services Provided:

    • Sensory processing assessments
    • Sensory programmes for children and adults
    • Cognitive retraining after TBI
    • I have a sensory room available for hire
    • Sensory rehab equipment for sale
    • Weighted toys and weighted blankets for sale
    • Worksite assessments
    • group and individual programmes for people with dyspraxia and ADD
    • Tomatis listening programme, Soundsory and forbrain equipment also available