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Invitation to a Self-Regulation Program

*invitation on behalf of MarySue and Sherry*
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Our hearts go out to each and every one of you in these most challenging of times. We have been reflecting upon what we can do to contribute.

We decided to offer our new online course called, Your Best Self: The Alert Program® For All ($300 gift) to anyone who can benefit worldwide.
Feel free to sign up and/or share with any of your neighbours, co-workers, colleagues, and loved ones that all they need to do is:
1) Go to AlertProgram4All.com on March 31 between 9am and 9pm (MDT) to register to take the course for free.

2) Sign up for our newsletter, if you’d like an email reminder when the free registration opens in your time zone on March 31. 

3) You’ll receive lifetime access. With lifetime access and because this course is designed to be viewed in short spurts, there is no need to rush to complete it and no need to view it, all in one sitting. 

4) Want to learn more? 

Watch the video about this free $300 gift on our YouTube Channel.

Your Best Self Online Course is designed for adults because, as we learn how to better observe and support ourselves, we can better observe and support others (children, clients, co-workers, and loved ones).

In these tumultuous times, especially while living in close quarters, the Alert Program® offers simple ways for all of us to be well-regulated.

And Sherry will keep you entertained in this course as you learn what you can do to make life easier while you need to stay at home (and what healthcare providers, grocery store workers, service delivery people, essential business workers, and first responders can do to re-energize and continue to do the amazing job they are doing on the front lines for all of us).

From our hearts to yours,
MarySue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger

We will be sending out more tips and helpful YouTube videos, and rest assured – after March 31, we will continue to offer this course with deep discounts (66% off) throughout the COVID-19 crisis to help as many as possible.