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Invitation to Attend a Telehealth-Delivery Zoom Meeting

Invitation from Fi Graham

We have an invitation from Dr. Fiona Graham (below) for a workshop around telehealth/e-Health, which could be very helpful in terms of managing work at this time. For a position statement from WFOT (The World Federation of Occupational Therapy), follow this link: https://www.otnz.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/Telehealth-CM2014.pdf 

Zoom training/sharing in telehealth delivery
Wed 25th March 12-1pm

Link: https://otago.zoom.us/my/fgraham

“Many of us are moving swiftly to tele-based delivery of our services. Some of us have been working in the telehealth space for some time.  I wondered if there was interest in a Zoom discussion on the use of telehealth as an alternative to business as usual? I propose an interactive session- I’d be happy to informally share some take home points from the studies of telehealth I’ve been involved in (just the ‘implications for practice bits’) and / or whole group sharing of issues and practical solutions.

To attend, just click the link at the time with a device (phones work, but it uses quite a bit of data) with zoom enabled. Do not RSVP to me or the SIG, there is no ID for the meeting.  But feel free to discuss your response to this email via the SIG. The session is open to anyone that would find it useful.  Cost: a $5 donation to the Research and Development fund when you get a chance.”