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Invitation to participate in a Steering Group led by the World Health Organisation

Message from Tracey Partridge WFOT Delegate


Please read the following important message sent by Marilyn Pattison, President of  WFOT which invites those interested in participating in a Steering Group about a Competency Rehabilitation Framework led by the World Health Organisation to send their CV to the WFOT.

Dear Colleagues,


WHO has informed us that the work towards the development of the WHO Rehabilitation Competency Framework is progressing well. Thanks to an enthusiastic response to the ‘Call for Frameworks’, which was complemented through database and internet searches, WHO now have a wide variety of frameworks from which information is being extracted. At the next stage, decisions regarding the structure and content of the framework will need to be made and it is critical that key rehabilitation workforce stakeholders are engaged. To ensure that this occurs through a systematic and robust process, WHO is establishing a dedicated Steering Group who will:


  • provide expert opinion on the competency framework structure, language, scope and content to ensure that it achieves its intended aims;
  • help coordinate the dissemination of drafts for peer review by relevant organizations; and
  • support the translation of feedback into concrete and meaningful recommendations.


Further details of the Steering Group’s role and mandate can be found in the attached ToR Steering Group Rehabilitation Competency Framework document. We would be most grateful if you could nominate members to participate in the group. Nominated members should be familiar with competency frameworks (or competency models/standards) and their applications and ideally have been engaged in competency-based approaches in a professional capacity. Please note that while we are asked to put forward several nominees, it is likely that only one nominee from WFOT will be invited to participate in the group.


Respecting that members’ time is valuable, the need for travel will be limited and online platforms including email and Web-Ex will be used to communicate (although one face-to-face meeting will be held in Geneva, Switzerland mid-2019 in conjunction with the next Rehabilitation 2030 meeting). Given ‘face time’ will be limited, it is particularly important that members are engaged with the process and are able to dedicate time to reviewing materials and participating in discussions.


WHO would like to convene the Steering Group for its first online meeting in early December, we would therefore request that the CVs of nominated candidates are sent to [email protected] by 15 November 2018.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. I look forward to receiving your nominations.


Kind regards,



Marilyn Pattison, Dip.COT(UK), B.App.Sc(OT), MBA, WFOT
World Federation of Occupational Therapists
[email protected]