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Latest Maori Medical Research Review Issue 72

Kia ora members,

Please click this highlighted link to view the most recent Maori Health Research Review Issue 72 .

Topics in this month’s review are:

• Poor-quality suicide risk assessments in the ED.

• Discrimination impacts on health.

• Health policy has yet to fulfil Crown obligations under te Tiriti.

• Institutional racism in public health contracting.

• A focus is needed on Indigenous adolescent health.

• Ethnic disparities in breast cancer survival.

• Inequity in dialysis-related practices and outcomes.

• Risk of lower limb amputation in diabetes: ethnic disparities.

• Ethnicity-specific gout education resources needed.

• Testing a customised CVD medication health literacy programme.

• Racial/ethnic bias among medical students.

• Explaining disproportionate rates of stomach cancer in Māori.

You don’t have to be a healthcare professional to receive Māori Health Review, so if you have patients, whānau or friends who would like to receive this publication please contact us with their email address.

Please keep your feedback and comments coming, we do appreciate them.

Ngā mihi

Dr Matire Harwood

[email protected]