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World Federation of OT

With the introduction of WFOT’s Premium Pricing Model (PPM), all OTNZ-WNA membership subscriptions include $7.00 for a subscription to the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. All of our members can now enjoy the vast range of products, resources and services that WFOT provides.

Note: the WFOT website is undergoing an upgrade and all members who renewed their OTNZ-WNA members who have not already registered with WFOT are unable to do so until their website is back up. This will most likely be around late August 2017. 

We apologise for any inconvenience, however the WFOT is able to still offer direct support if a member would like access to particular documents. Email [email protected] in the meantime. 

There are many benefits to being an individual member of WFOT, including;

  • Access to the exclusive member only part of the WFOT website which allows you to download documents, guidance and other materials produced by WFOT
  • Download up to date free publications and promotional material up to 12 months in advance of public access
  • Online access to the WFOT bulletin journal which is released twice a year
  • Online access to previously published WFOT bulletins since 2004
  • Subscription to WFOT’s quarterly e-newsletter after registering to the WFOT website
  • Discount on the WFOT store as well as discount on all books produced by Wiley publishing
  • Opportunity to apply for WFOT awards for research and education

To read more about the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, visit www.wfot.org/