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2016 News Archive

TRGM Model and AuSAE presentation

OTNZ-WNA are being noticed and were invited to share our journey to achieving a two house treaty relationship governance model at Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE) meeting held in Wellington recently.

Harsh Vardhan, President tangata tiriti and Whaea Iris gave a informative presentation, which was well received.

Comment from the tables of attendees included:

  • great leadership initiative
  • thought provoking
  • my organisation has been proudly practicing a TRGM for over a decade but this model is different and so much better
  • food for thought to take back to my board
  • excellent balanced presentation  – you guys have really thought it through.
  • I would love to invite your organisation to present at our Board/council meeting (several requests – left contact card).
  • What resonates with me is the fact that you have emphasised you are on a never ending journey.

AuSAE recognises the importance of the leadership stance OTNZ-WNA have taken in being the first allied health association in New Zealand to authentically and practically practise a two house treaty relationship governance model, tangata whenua and tangata tiriti working together to honour the treaty.

“In sharing our journey we hope that other organisations will eventually also adopt this model”. OTNZ-WNA.

PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

December OT Insight out now!

Please enjoy the December edition of OT Insight. This edition looks community-led development in a post-disaster setting. Winners of OT Week 2016: Occupation without Exception #ValueYourOT

February OT Insight out now!

Please enjoy the February edition of OT Insight. This edition looks at social recovery in mental health through biking and our 2016 OTNZ-WNA Achievement award winner!

OT Week 2016 Toolkit, now available!

The OT Week Toolkit is now available to help you with some ideas for OT Week celebrations.

Title Description Size Download
Occupational-Therapy-Week-2018-PowerPoint-final 211018 1.78 mb Download
Occupational Therapy Week 2018 PowerPoint 2.19 mb Download
Bunting final 91.77 kb Download
OT Week 2018 Poster 609.36 kb Download
OT Week 2016 Toolkit

The OT Week Toolkit is now available to help you with some ideas for OT Week celebrations.

0.98 mb Download Preview
OT Week 2016 Paper Doll People

We recommend that you use brightly coloured blue and green paper and hang them around your OT Week 2016 events/celebrations!

Download a template and instructions here.

33.01 kb Download
OT Week 2016 Media Release 0.98 mb Download Preview
OT Week 2016 Bunting

We recommend that you print these off on brightly coloured paper and hang around your OT Week events!


  •  Cut along the dotted lines
  •  Fold tab over
  •  Position your string under the paper tab
  •  Staple or sellotape the tab in place with string positioned underneath, and repeat with the rest of the flags.
822.48 kb Download Preview
OT Week 2016: Poster A3 prizes 155.59 kb Download Preview
OT Week 2016: Poster A3 169.82 kb Download Preview

The Countdown is now on for the Clinical Workshops!

Not long until the Clinical Workshops start!
For more information please go here. We look forward to seeing you there!

August OT Insight out now!

Please enjoy the August edition of OT Insight.  This edition looks at  ideas for practice: what works for you? It is also our AGM and annual report edition.

OTNZ-WNA Te Tiriti/Treaty Relationship Governance Model

In 2015 council commenced modelling a treaty relationship model with council involved in tangata tiriti and tangata whenua houses. Two presidents have chaired the last two council meetings and engaged in regular updates with the association’s executive director.

OTNZ-WNA Te Tiriti/Treaty Governance Model:


Under the treaty relationship governance model:

  • Number on council: 7 (status quo)
  • A minimum of 3 Māori councilors would be nominated by their roopu (the position of Māori perspective is disestablished)
  • All nominations are put forward for whole of membership voting at AGM – as per current Rules Section 8.3.3 or 8.3.4
  • Existing process applies to the tangata tiriti members. All nominations are put forward for whole of membership voting at AGM – as per current Rules Section 8.3.3 or 8.3.4. (Note: Māori roopu nominate tangata whenua candidates)
  • The WFOT delegate is the seventh council position voted for by the whole of membership irrespective of being either tangata whenua or tangata tiriti
  • Two Presidents preside – one from each house
  • Presidents will co-chair council meetings
  • Council subcommittees will be represented by an equal number of tangata tiriti and tangata whenua  members (an addition to the rules)
  • Equity of responsibilities spread or jointly undertaken apply as deemed practicable, including costs associated with two Presidents

Tangata Whenua: A generic term for Māori comprising those with mana whenua responsibilities – Māori who are tied culturally to an area by whakapapa and whose ancestors lived and died there; together with taura here – Māori who are resident in an area but who belong to waka and tribes from other parts of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Tangata Tiriti: A generic term to describe people whose rights to live in Aotearoa/New Zealand derive from Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the arrangements that the Crown has established under a common rule of law and the equity provisions of Article 3 of Te Tiriti.


Occupational Therapy New Zealand Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa has been on a journey towards a representative bicultural organisation since 1997. At this time the association established a bicultural sub-committee with Māori and non Māori members called Te Roopu Whakapiri. Members were committed to bringing a greater understanding of te Tiriti o Waitangi and it was envisaged as a stepping-stone towards assisting the occupational therapy profession and the association towards being bicultural.

In 1999, the key stakeholders of the first occupational therapy hui, held at Tapu te Ranga Marae, Wellington were the then council, alongside the Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand; heads of the occupational therapy schools; Māori consumers; and Māori and other occupational therapy practitioners. By 2002 this sub-committee had dissolved, but around the same time members voted for a designated Māori portfolio position as part of the council. This was filled in 2004.

Over the past decade a number of initiatives have evolved. In 2009, OTNZ-WNA–WNA partnered with Te Rau Matatini for the launch of Te Umanga Whakaora (accelerated Māori occupational therapy workforce development strategy). Further initiatives included the Te Umanga Whakaora column in OT Insight (read here), and an annual bicultural edition which is now one of our most popular publications during the calendar year; appointing a Māori perspective position to conference programme planning and encouraging the clinical workshop and conference programme to have provision for cultural competence presentations/workshops. Other initiatives such as promotion of research opportunities for Māori, and promoting occupational therapy as a career for Māori have occurred. Kaumatua were appointed as advisors to support and guide the association on issues of tikanga. By 2012 the value of biculturalism was confirmed alongside occupational justice, integrity, transparency, collaboration and professionalism for the organisation.

This year council commenced modelling a treaty relationship model with council involved in tangata tiriti and tangata whenua houses. Two presidents have chaired the last two council meetings and engaged in regular updates with the association’s executive director.


  • A constitutional change accepted by members in 2012 under rule 4.1 stated that the association would … “have due regard to the provisions, and to the spirit and the intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi)”.
  • This model is about governance concerning changes that do not impact our members practise directly.  However the treaty relationship governance model does provide a systemic and structural base in terms of the organisation.  Within this process the model supports a philosophy that aligns with the actions and abilities of all nga kaiwhakaora ngangahau – occupational therapists competence to practice.
  • Implementation of the treaty relationship governance model creates the pathway for an authentic partnership with Māori.
  • This governance model enables the association to take a lead role and demonstrates to all stakeholders the practical commitment of our members in recognising health issues of equity and occupational justice within Aotearoa New Zealand.

A communications process to inform and enable members to provide feedback was undertaken including written articles and sharing information via OT Insight and Pānui OTNZ-WNA – with questions from members.


Competency training

Kia ora koutou

The OTNZ-WNA Council recently approved the establishment of a steering committee to develop an interactive online professional development course to support practitioners with the Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand (OTBNZ) Competency 2, “Practicing appropriately for bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand”.

The steering committee have produced the following guiding purpose statement:
“We aim to produce a dynamic online interactive learning experience that provides opportunities for occupational therapists to demonstrate best practice, to practice appropriately and effectively in bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand, and deliver services that work for Māori clients”.

The course will be kept current and its value accessible in perpetuity. Whilst initially an online learning portal, face to face, webinars, workshops and road shows are a likely second stage outcome for this project.

Outcomes sought:

  • an online tool that is flexible, long term and sustainable
  • increased knowledge skills and competence to practice
  • evidence of self-reflection and application of learning in the occupational therapists’ daily work.

We will keep you posted on the progress of this very important piece of work. Council looks forward to seeing you at  Embracing Partnerships Te Kii Tuhono 2016 clinical workshops in September, as in collaboration with the Board we will provide substantial training on this competency.

So we can best serve your needs, please complete a brief survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RTH3N88 

Nga mihi nā
Karen Molyneux
President OTNZ-WNA


SAVE! On early-bird membership renewal

Join or renew your membership by 30 April 2016 to take advantage of a 10% discount.

Thank you to members who have already taken advantage of the early-bird discount for renewing membership.

WELCOME to our new members!

Show Your Ability roadshow

OTNZ-WNA look forward to exhibiting and meeting practitioners at New Zealand’s premier annual disability equipment show.

We will be attending the Auckland, Hamilton and Palmerston North venues.  For those who attend regularly in Auckland, note a new venue this year!

Show dates and venues:

23 February: Auckland – ASB Showgrounds

24 February: Hamilton – CLaudelands Events Centre

25 February: Palmerston North – Arena Manawatu

29 February: Christchurch – Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre

01 March: Dunedin – Edgar Stadium

Show Your Ability website


Karis Boyd Memorial Trust Grant

This grant is provided in memory of Karis Boyd (1935–2009), an occupational therapist who lived, breathed and personified all the values, qualities and virtues which the occupational therapy profession stands for.  The grant is available to student members entering their 3rd year of occupational therapy studies from the Karis Boyd Memorial Trust.