Occupational Therapy New Zealand Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa - Special General Meeting - Thursday 10 December at 7 pm - Occupational Therapy New Zealand Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa
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Special General Meeting – Thursday 10 December at 7 pm

Special General Meeting of the association to complete the business of the adjourned  AGM held on 26 November 2020

Thank you to those who attended the recent AGM!

Due to members needing to leave for work commitments, we dropped below the required quorum numbers just after 12.40 p.m at the 26 November AGM meeting and had to adjourn the meeting down as per our rule 10.6.2

Therefore, as per our rules, we notified members of a special general meeting to be held on Thursday 10th of December, at 7.00 p.m. As this will be held on Zoom, we ask that you log in using this link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83590921292a 

The zoom room will be open at 6.30 p.m. to allow members to register proxy votes or if in groups the names of those in the group for us to confirm your membership. Please forward any proxy votes to peter@otnz.co.nz anytime ahead of this SGM. Proxy voting forms can be downloaded – click on form below.

This SGM, in accordance with our rules, does not require a minimum attendees to constitute a quorum.

Remaining agenda items

  1. Karakia, welcome and apologies
  2. Audited Financial report for approval
  3. Motions (details and rationale as set out hereunder).
  4. General Business

a.   Awards

b.   Going Forward – 2021 Conference

1. Proposed Motion: That there be no increase for the 2021/22 membership subscription round.

Membership type  2021/2022   2021/2022   2020/2021   2020/2021 
Early Bird Full Early Bird Full
Full $520.00 $572.00 $520.00 $572.00
Proportional $315.00 $346.00 $315.00 $346.00
First Professional Year $315.00 $346.00 $315.00 $346.00
Minor Proportional $213.00 $233.00 $213.00 $233.00
Associate/Overseas $213.00 $233.00 $213.00 $233.00
Retired $92.00 N/A $92.00 N/A
Student $36.00 N/A $36.00 N/A

Council considered and reached general agreement that many OTNZ-WNA members would have suffered financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and that given OTNZ-WNA’s good financial position, the association should not be increasing membership subscription for the 2021/2022 subscription year.

Council took into account that it would, under normal circumstances, be inclined to recommend that rates should be increased annually to at least meet inflation.

Moved: Penny Ngaheu
Seconded: Georgina Davis

2. Proposed Motion: That Anne Carter and Peter Glensor be appointed, to produce a governance audit report to examine whether OTNZ-WNA Council engagement, decisions and actions over the past 12 months, have been congruent with the foundational tenets of Te Tiriti / The Treaty Relationship Governance model, and for the findings to be published in the OT insight.

1. It is timely to review the health and wellbeing of the association since the introduction and inception of Te Tiriti Relationship Governance model (TRGM). The review will measure the success of alignment with TRGM governance strategies, to support the rules and objects of the association.

2. To reassure that the legacy of Hazel Skilton our original founder, continues to be embodied by the leadership and governance of the association. For decisions to be mindful of the commitment to support association members and to promote the profession of occupational therapy.

3. An audit will improve and strength the fundamental foundations of the model, confirming that the two house approach is not about separation, but creating a third space, a together space that maintains integrity, with tangible benefits for all members.

4. To ensure the values of the association as being:

·         He huarahi ki ngā taonga tukuiho he pūmautanga o te mahi – occupational justice

·         Te nohoanga ngā tahitanga o te tangata, ko te kī tūhono mō ake tonu – biculturalism

·         Te rangatiratanga o te tika, me te whai ake rā o ngā mātāpono – integrity

·         Ko te taumata i whāia ko te āhua i wawatia – professionalism

·         He ringa raupā, ka eke na hiahia, ka tutuki nga wawata i tumanakotia – collaboration

·         Te kitenge ake, te huarahi hoki, o te mōhiotanga – transparency;

should be apparent and explicit in every council decision and strategy.

5. To review the stewardship or kaitiakitanga role of governance, with accountability for the financial, human and physical resources of the organisation. Intentions ensure a high quality of services are only provided to members.

6. For multiple perspectives to be acknowledged, the review will audit measures taken, to assure a safe and ethical culture exists for every deliberation and governance decision.

7. Anne Carter is tangata whenua, who has over 15 years of governance experience, including work with the Office of the Auditor General, developing a model for auditing the effectiveness of the public sector agencies for Māori. Anne is currently a co-coordinator presenting a claim to the Treaty of Waitangi tribunal. She has been a former lay member for the Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand. For further information please see Anne’s profile and CV.

8. Peter Glensor is tangata tiriti, who has held many leadership positions, within governance departments, NGO’s and on local and regional bodies. He has been the former chair of the Hutt Valley District Health Board, and former Deputy Chair of Capital and Coast DHB. He has led and established Te Tiriti o Waitangi representative governance to a range of committees and organisations. For further information please see Peter’s profile and CV.

Moved: Jane Hopkirk
Seconded: Shaz Bryant

Motions to Change the Rules
3.      Proposed motion: 
That rule (e) Meetings be changed to read: Council meetings shall be held by meetings attended personally or by conference call, but at least one meeting a year shall be held by attendance in person. The quorum for council meetings is a minimum of 2 council members from tangata tiriti and 2 council members from tangata whenua.

Currently a council quorum is under Council meetings within the OTNZ-WNA rules document: Council meetings shall be held by meetings attended personally or by conference call, but at least one meeting a year shall be held by attendance in person. The quorum for Council meetings is a majority of those entitled to be elected under Rule 7.2.1

This rule change embeds the Tiriti Relationship Governance model within the working of Council.

Moved: Jane Wilson
Seconded: 5
Joanna Wood
Katie Robertson
Judith Guccione
Leana McKay
Judi Riddell

4.    Proposed motion: That rule 8.4.5 is amended to read: Where a casual vacancy is filled by the Council, the appointee shall hold office until the next AGM.

Current rule: Where a casual vacancy is filled by the Council under this Rule, the appointee shall hold office until the end of the term of office of the person the appointee replaces, but if the vacancy arises within two months of the annual general meeting at which the term would expire any replacement to which Rules 8.4.2, 8.4.3 or 8.4.4 apply, nominations shall be called from the floor and the replacement elected at that annual general meeting.

This gives membership an opportunity to fill any vacant position with an elected candidate. Given the term of council positions are now 3 years, this allows for a transparent process of re-election to council positions consistent with the Association’s values.

Moved: Jane Wilson
Seconded: 5
Joanna Wood
Katie Robertson
Judith Guccione
Leana McKay
Judi Riddell

Any queries, please email membership@otnz.co.nz.


OTNZ-WNA Notice of 2020 AGM, Agenda, Motions and Annual Report