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How to write a submission

A submission is an opportunity to present occupational therapy insights, views and opinions on issues that impact on our ourselves, our clients and our world.

The following writing guidelines will help you when making a submission:

  • Write clearly and structure your message to make it an easy read.
  • State clearly what the submission is about.
  • State clearly who the submission is from.
  • State whether you want to appear before a select committee (if the submission is for a select committee).
  • If you have the authority and are writing on behalf of an organization, state their aims outline background details.
  • State who has been consulted with.
  • Apply the five basic principles of clear writing: Relevancy, clarity, conciseness, accuracy and conclusion.

See the Parliamentary Information Service’s guide to writing a submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee for more information.

Email the OTNZ-WNA office if you would like to talk with someone about writing a submission or to get more support.

Further reading

Have your say: Influencing public policy in New Zealand. Hughes, F. and Calder, S. (2007) Wellington: Dunmore Publisher. 142 pp.
A practical guide for those wishing to understand how the New Zealand public policy process works and how to work with it effectively and gain some influence.