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OT Week – Toolkit and Upcoming Event Details


Kia ora members,

Welcome to 2021 Occupational Therapy week. Annually we acknowledge all the mahi that our amazing Occupational Therapists do on a daily basis.

Our theme for 2021 Occupational Therapy week is “Celebrating Excellence – Hei Whakanui i te Rawe”. We will be celebrating this Occupational Therapy week from the 25th-31st of October-Whiringa-ā -nuku.

Occupational Therapists work hard to ensure others are working at their very best and achieving their goals. So, this is the time to celebrate excellence of these wonderful Occupational Therapists and thanking them all.

Find our toolkit of printable resources here.





Links to other OT websites

OT Week AUS – https://otaus.com.au/otweek

WFOT – https://wfot.org/world-occupational-therapy-day

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupation is all the things you do: Self-care, looking after others, leisure, work whilst occupation and health are linked. An Occupational Therapist is a registered health provider who uses the theory of occupation to improve well-being and quality of life. Occupational Therapy New Zealand Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa is the national association representing Occupational Therapy professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Occupational Therapists are very well regarded for their ability to take a holistic approach. The term holistic approach applies to the way of approaching a situation (intervention) that considers all barriers that might stop someone from achieving their goals. Occupational Therapists assist people to identify occupations that are important to them and find solutions for them to perform those tasks. This may be due to a range of issues such as physical abilities (e.g. strength, co-ordination), mental abilities (e.g. memory, organisational skills), or problems arising from mental health issues. They work in a wide range of areas including hospitals and community organisations.

Watch this fantastic video below for some examples of how Occupational Therapists turn people’s lives around!


How can you get involved with OT week?

  • Use the resources above to print out and decorate your workplace, or pop the posters up on your social media for everyone to see!
  • Make a social media post to celebrate OT Week with a picture of your team, with the hashtag #OTweek21. Share any Occupational Therapy stories you have with friends, family and colleagues, and tag us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • We always love to hear from you, so if you do not have social media, feel free to get in touch with us to share these stories, by emailing [email protected].
  • Aside from OT stories, you can also share what you love about Occupational Therapy, or what you love about working within the profession.
  • We will be making posts on our social media throughout the week, so feel free to share these posts with others!
  • Our social media can be found below:
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/OTNZWNA
  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/OTNZWNA
  • Linkedin: nz.linkedin.com/in/occupational-therapy-otnz-wna
  • Instagram: instagram.com/otnzwna
  • Give a presentation to your work colleagues, make a display for your work place, or write a blog on celebrating excellence in the Occupational Therapy profession.
  • Topic ideas include:
  • Barriers that can stop you from achieving and how to overcome them
  • How to work together towards a common goal
  • A time when an Occupational Therapist you know displayed excellence
  • How can we promote excellence throughout the profession more?
  • Why become an Occupational Therapist?
  • Why being occupied is an important aspect of life
  • What should allied health practitioners and GPs know about Occupational Therapy?
  • How to make the most of your career as an Occupational Therapist
  • A day in the life of an Occupational Therapist
  • Alternatively, you could find an article that you find inspiring and share it with friends, family and colleagues. Or, you could write a review of it and share your own thoughts on why it has inspired you as an Occupational Therapist.
  • If you do write an article, or make a presentation and are happy for us to share it with other fellow Occupational Therapists, please send it to us in an email, to [email protected].
  • Share your own greatest personal achievement, or a great personal achievement of a colleague, friend or family member. Tell us how you or the relevant individual demonstrated excellence, and how you found it inspiring and/or memorable!


Competition Time!

29th October, 7pm-8pm

This Occupational Therapy week, we are hosting an online quiz via zoom! You can join as an individual or as a team and the quiz questions will be about celebrating excellence and the life of an Occupational Therapist. This is a great opportunity to meet other fellow Occupational Therapists within the profession.

Please email [email protected] to RSVP! Please include all team member’s names and email addresses for us to send you a link.

The prize: The winning individual/team will receive a free morning tea to share with their colleagues and celebrate the excellent work they bring to the profession!

Bed Sticks and Bed Levers

Kia ora members,

The OT Board of NZ were recently contacted by the Coroner’s office about the use of bed sticks or bed levers. While we know most of you already understand the risks associated with using these tools, we want to make sure that everyone understands this risk.

Bed sticks/poles and rails have been used where people receive care in cases of injury risk, impaired mobility, nocturia, incontinence, sleep disturbances and mental health issues (Rollins, 2013).

Bed sticks/levers/poles pose a risk of injury or death. To promote public safety, occupational therapists involved in the recommendation and provision of bed sticks/poles should implement appropriate risk assessment and mitigation. These links may help with understanding employer/practitioner responsibilities in these situations, and the Occupational Therapy Australia’s statement provides useful information.

Annual General Meeting 2021 Postponed

Given the current Covid restrictions and the uncertainty of alert levels going forward, council have agreed to postpone the Annual General Meeting (AGM) until October. Please reschedule the AGM in your calendar now.

Date:                     October 28, 2021
Time:                     6:30 pm
Medium:                Zoom

This will allow on-site auditing processes to be completed whilst the Wellington region is in alert level 2. Furthermore, since head office staff will need to be on hand during the AGM to assist with technical support during discussions and voting, and to communicate updates to the councilors, safe distancing measures will have to be managed to meet health and safety obligations. This can be achieved in alert level 2 with the assistance of head office staff.

For more information about the rules of the AGM, please refer to this document.

2021 Online Event: Looking Beyond the Horizon

Kicking off our Online Event for 2021, is Professor Mary Butler – currently head of school for the new Occupational Therapy department of Adelaide University – with this year’s Frances Rutherford lecture, starting at 10am November 15th 2021. Mary’s session is provisionally
titled Turas D’anam which is Irish for “The Journey”.

We hope you’ve got your diary marked with those dates: November 15th to 19th 2021. The for this year’s event is: Looking Beyond the Horizon, Te Mātai ki Paenga Rau

New Local Area Network in Canterbury

Kia ora whānau,

A new Local Area Network (LAN) for Canterbury OTs has been established in Christchurch by Rebecca Barnard.

The first inaugural meeting is scheduled to be held this Thursday 8th July at 7:30 at Coffee Club Riccarton (located in Westfield, Riccarton).

OTNZ-WNA encourages all OTs in the area to attend, and members can RSVP to Rebecca by emailing [email protected]

Kia pai tō koutou wiki,


The “Sleep with Disability/Te Moe me te Hauatanga” online self-paced course is available to purchase!

Go to otnz.co.nz/sleep for more information.

Sleep with Disability/Te Moe me te Hauātanga Programme Launch TODAY

We warmly welcome all Occupational Therapists to join us TODAY (30th April 2021) at 12:30pm-1pm for the promotional launch of Sleep with Disability/Te Moe me te Hauātanga on ZOOM. 

Please copy and paste this link into your browser to access the zoom event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84036245652?pwd=MDdOZlo1bUYrTCtpNm8xUDNLd055UT09


OTNZ-WNA 2021 Online Event abstracts Now Open

The programme committee warmly invites you to submit an abstract: https://www.otnz.co.nz/otnz-wna-2021-online-event

deadline for abstracts is 30 May 2021

SGM 7 pm Wednesday 24 March 2021 to approve 2019-20 audited financial accounts

A reminder to members of OTNZ-WNA.

SGM by zoom to approve the 2019-20 Audited accounts will be held at 7 pm on Wednesday 24 March 2021.

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86855578584. For full Audit report  click here

OTNZ Annual & Audit Report 2020

New Date for Auckland SYA!

The new date for  the  Auckland Show Your Ability roadshow is Wednesday April 14 2021.
Venue: Auckland Eventfinda Stadium – North Shore

16 Reasons to add Telehealth to your Practice

February 15, 2021, and Auckland is in lockdown – are OTs using Telehealth regularly or only during lockdown? Are we using a combination of telehealth and face to face intervention methods? I would be interested to hear from others using Telehealth in their practice.

The International Board of Credentialling and Continuing Educational Standards in the USA note numerous reasons Teletherapy can benefit occupational therapists. While the discussion is USA based, I believe Telehealth/Teletherapy can benefit both our clients and our practice. I acknowledge Telehealth is not the best choice for every client, but I know that in some circumstances, it can be effective.

The article quotes 16 Reasons for an OT to add telehealth to their practice, and can be viewed here: https://ibcces.org/blog/2020/09/09/reasons-teletherapy-benefits-occupational-therapist/

Written by Lynda Mance 

Kia kaha Auckland! Covid-19 information updates

Here we go again! As we wait for more information about the latest community transmission in Auckland, at least we can all be grateful that we have proven systems in place to handle this outbreak. In case you need a refresher, we have our  COVID-19 Level 2/3 Guidelines for Occupational Therapists. For those based in Auckland, just remember that the rest of the country is thinking about you and the extra sacrifices you’re making right now – kia kaha Tāmaki Makaurau!

Registrations open for ATSNZ Disability Expo

Registrations open for ATSNZ Disability Expo
Tue 16 – Wed 17 March 2021, Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau
The disability services event of the year – Free Registration, FREE Conference Program & Easy Access for all
Pre-register for FREE Parking and A FREE Coffee

Share Your Feedback

Kia ora everyone! Have you had your say regarding our annual events? Share your thoughts by completing our 2 minute survey at the following link by the end of today: https://surveymonkey.com/r/ZQG23LK.

Show Your Ability 2021 – 1 month away!

Register for N.Z’s Premier Annual Disability Equipment Show! See more information here: https://www.3am.net.nz/show-your-ability/

New Year, New Role?

Check out one of these job opportunities and go forward in 2021 with a new role: https://www.otnz.co.nz/vacancies/

Ngā mihi o te tau hou/Happy new year!

Happy 2021 everyone!

We hope you all had a safe holiday season, and are excited for what 2021 will bring. As we are now back in action, feel free to send us any questions about membership, or what will be coming up in 2021, through our social media platforms: https://www.otnz.co.nz/contact/, or email us: https://www.otnz.co.nz/contact/. Keep an eye out for some great things coming this year!

Noho ora mai (stay well)!