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TRGM Model and AuSAE presentation

OTNZ-WNA are being noticed and were invited to share our journey to achieving a two house treaty relationship governance model at Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE) meeting held in Wellington recently.

Harsh Vardhan, President tangata tiriti and Whaea Iris gave a informative presentation, which was well received.

Comment from the tables of attendees included:

  • great leadership initiative
  • thought provoking
  • my organisation has been proudly practicing a TRGM for over a decade but this model is different and so much better
  • food for thought to take back to my board
  • excellent balanced presentation  – you guys have really thought it through.
  • I would love to invite your organisation to present at our Board/council meeting (several requests – left contact card).
  • What resonates with me is the fact that you have emphasised you are on a never ending journey.

AuSAE recognises the importance of the leadership stance OTNZ-WNA have taken in being the first allied health association in New Zealand to authentically and practically practise a two house treaty relationship governance model, tangata whenua and tangata tiriti working together to honour the treaty.

“In sharing our journey we hope that other organisations will eventually also adopt this model”. OTNZ-WNA.

PowerPoint presentation can be found here.