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Kaiw’akaako-a-‘auora & Kaitautoko (Health Improvement Practitioner & Cultural Support Worker)

Organisation Te Manawanui - Taranaki Integrated Primary Mental Health & Addictions Service
Area, City Taranaki Area
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Permanent/temporary Permanent
Full/part time Full time
Closing date for applications 16-10-2020


Kaiw’akaako-a-‘auora & Kaitautoko

(Health Improvement Practitioner) (Cultural Support Worker)

Te Manawanui

E ngā rangatira, e ngā Iwi, e ngā roopu ‘auora o Taranaki.

Ngā mi’i mana’au ki a koutou katoa.

E piki tatou ki runga te waka ‘ou.

Ko Te Manawanui ‘e waka ‘auora, e kawe nei tātou.

Ko tātou e pono ana ki te kaupapa w’akapiki ora mō ngā tāngata katoa o Aotearoa, a’akoa ko wai.

Kata’i anō tēnei kaupapa ‘ou, ka puta ki te ao mārama.

‘Ei oranga ‘inengaro, oranga wairua, oranga tinana.

Ki a tātou katoa o te roopu Te Manawanui –

    • Ngāruahine Iwi authority
    • Ngāti Ruanui Ta’ua Ltd
    • Pinnacle Midlands Health Network
    • Taranaki District Health Board
    • Tui ora Ltd
    • Other community NGOs.


Kota’i te waka

Kota’i te w’akaaro

Kota’i te kupu

Kota’i te kōrero

Kota’i te wānanga

Ka taea ngā kau’oe\ngā roopu o te waka ‘aere i roto i te pai, ki te Iwi w’ānau w’anui o Taranaki

No reira e te w’ānau o Te Manawanui

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa.

We are a collective of primary health providers in the Taranaki region who are committed to improving health outcomes and health equity for New Zealanders. Our collective includes –

    • Ngāruahine Iwi Authority
    • Ngāti Ruanui Ta’ua Ltd
    • Pinnacle Midlands Health Network
    • Taranaki District Health Board
    • Tui Ora Ltd
    • Other community NGOs.


We are launching a new mental health and addictions service (Te Manawanui) that is embedded within primary healthcare (general practice). The service is designed around Taranaki Māori communities to provide mental health and addictions support that is culturally responsive, accessible, practical, and convenient. The service is funded by the Ministry of Health.

We have taken learnings from other regions who have implemented a similar model, along with a co-design process that included w’ānau and providers to develop a service that meets the unique needs of Taranaki w’ānau. In this initial phase, we have a focus on improving accessibility and suitability of mental health support to Māori. Ngāruahine Iwi Authority, Ngāti Ruanui Ta’ua Ltd, and Tui Ora Ltd play a key role in our partnership and bring deep and trusted connections with w’ānau throughout Taranaki.

Our approach with this service in Taranaki will mean –

    • Easier access to services for w’ānau
    • A person-centred approach that understands a person’s broader life context rather than a clinical or diagnosis led model
    • It will be easier for people to talk and share how they’re feeling and receive practical support that is easy to follow through on
    • Peace of mind for General Practitioners (GPs), and the general practice team, knowing that people can speak with someone that day, rather than being placed into an impersonal referral process.


Te Manawanui – a new model of care

‘Kaiw’akaako-a-‘auora / Health Improvement Practitioner’ with health experience/qualifications is embedded within a group of general practices. They form relationships with the members of the practice and are available to meet with people who are connected with the practice to listen, understand and provide advice.

‘Kaitautoko / Cultural Support Worker’ with relevant lived experience, relationships and connections walk alongside people to support and coach them as they seek to achieve their health and wellness goals. They are closely connected with one or more Kaiw’akaako-a-‘auora working in partnership to support w’ānau throughout Taranaki.

The Kaiw’akaako-a-‘auora and Kaitautoko from across Taranaki form an integrated team that shares learning, insight and best practice. We (the Collective) support this team by providing the wrap around support and leadership related to clinical practice, cultural capability and appropriateness, and community connection and relationships.

We are looking for people to join our team. You will have strong ties to Taranaki, have a strong desire to improve health outcomes for Māori by providing support that works for Māori, have understanding of tikanga and te reo along with the skills and attitude to engage effectively with Māori, and be excited by the prospect of working in a collaborative team that is working together to do things differently and better.

What we are looking for –

  • Work within a w’ānau context not just on the individual
  • Take a collaborative approach that seeks to connect with the community and familial networks
  • Foundational base of cultural competency and willingness to continually grow it
  • Operate within a team-oriented environment
  • Teachable and willingness to unlearn ways of working that might not be suitable within a Taranaki context
  • Ability to think outside the box, lean into doing things outside of the norm/convention
  • Deep and broad community knowledge, deeply embedded in the community, knowing who to connect with and what resources are available
  • Seeks collective outcomes
  • Digital capability (desirable)
  • Experience with conflict resolution and learned in de-escalation strategies
  • A mindset that seeks continuous improvement and an ability to adapt to any given situation
  • Willing to support us to become a Centre of Excellence / raise the Taranaki primary health profile
  • Non-protective / exclusive about relationships with w’ānau.

Principles for Kaiw’akaako-a-‘auora

  • Clinical qualification (HPCAA recognised), experience and relevant skills such as brief interventions
  • Flexible and comfortable with ambiguity
  • Mahi a Atua awareness / knowledge (appreciation for and appetite to continuously grow understanding of Māori models of care)
  • Pronunciation of te reo is an advantage
  • Proven capability in engaging and helping people make change
  • Ability to and willingness to provide group-based therapies / work within the context of the wider w’ānau

Principles for Kaitautoko

  • High degree of cultural competency (whakapapa and mātauranga knowledge). Lived experience of te ao Māori
  • Strong connection to and contextual understanding of Taranaki
  • Well networked / strong relationships within the community
  • Ability to navigate services and advocate for the needs of others
  • Relevant training/qualifications or interest in Health Coaching or Self-Management
  • Experience with mental and/or physical health condition(s) whether personally or in a supportive capacity

Position Vacancies

We have many positions to fill that will provide support to w’ānau via a cluster of general practices.

There are three clusters in the region –

North Taranaki

Kaitautoko – 2.1 FTE

Kaiw’aako-a-‘auora – 1.4 FTE

South/Central Taranaki

Kaitautoko – 1.8 FTE

Kaiw’aako-a-‘auora – 1.2 FTE

South Taranaki

Kaitautoko – 2.4 FTE

Kaiw’aako-a-‘auora – 1.6 FTE

How to Apply

We are looking for people who will work well together as a cohesive, integrated, high-functioning team. We are flexible on how we want to achieve this, so we are interested in which cluster you would like to support and how much time you could commit to the role (full or part-time).

If this kaupapa resonates with you, please click ‘Apply Now’ to submit your cover letter and resume.

In order to ascertain how applicants will work together we will hold wānanga as part of our selection process. If you are shortlisted for a position, we will invite you to a wānanga held on Friday September 25 2020.

We will provide scenarios for applicants to work through on the day using a team approach. We welcome w’ānau or support people to these wānanga. Further details will be provided as part of the shortlist process. Please note due to the changing circumstances due to COVID-19, these wānanga may be virtual.

Successful applicants will be trained on delivery of this service. Please indicate availability to attend training at the end of October/early November when applying.

If you have any questions about this kaupapa or any of the positions please contact Hayley Arnet – [email protected]

We also welcome short videos to accompany applications if you wish to tell us a little about yourself. If you chose to do so please use https://wetransfer.com/ and enter the above email as the recipient. Please note – this is optional.

Applications close by 5:00pm Sunday September 20, 2020.

‘Aere mai e ngā Iwi

‘Ui’ui tātou

E piki ki runga i tō waka ki a Te Manawanui

‘Apainga ngā ‘oe ko te pono ko te tika


Ko te Rangimārie te tata

Ko te aro’a te punga.

Welcome to all Iwi, organisations

Climb aboard this waka Te Manawanui

Let the upraised paddles of truth and righteousness propel us forward

Let peace be our bailer in our darkest hour

And let love anchor us all.

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