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OT – Concussion Treatment Experience

Organisation QE Health
Area, City Rotorua
Advert reference OT - Concussion
Contact person Elisabeth Jackson
Contact website and/or email


Contact telephone 07 348 0189
Permanent/temporary Permanent
Full/part time Full Time or Part Time
Closing date for applications 28-05-2021



DATE November 2020
RESPONSIBLE TO Allied Health Team Coordinator (Primary)Clinical Director
PRIMARY PURPOSE OF POSITION Safe and effective assessment and treatment of clients.
Functional Relationships
  • Allied Health Team
  • Members Rheumatologist Administration
  • Staff Clients and families
  • Community Health and Support services
Hours of Work As per IEA

QE Health is located on the lakefront at the northern end of the Rotorua central business district. It is close to many amenities including hotels and motels. QE Health is a private company delivering a range of holistic services including rehabilitation, musculoskeletal conditions/rheumatology, orthotics, medi-spa and fitness programmes to local, national, and international clients/clients. These services are funded through both privately paying clients and government contracts (primarily District Health Boards and ACC). The business has been in operation since 1942 and has a proud history in Rotorua based on the healing properties of thermal waters fed by geothermal springs. During the 1940s it was the centre of rehabilitation and treatment for returning servicemen from WWII and since that time has developed into a nationally renowned specialty centre including involvement in rheumatology and rehabilitation research. QE Health has a team of skilled practitioners and dedicated staff who are passionate about the work they do.

 Vision: Enhancing Mind, Body and Spirit

Mission:  We maximise quality of life through an holistic focus on wellbeing and a person-centred approach using medi-spa and rehabilitation therapies.


Professionalism and Integrity – we will provide the highest quality of care whilst delivering our service in accordance with legislative, contractual and ethical requirements

Respect and trust – we will treat our clients and each other with dignity and respect, creating an environment of trust, and recognise and respond to the cultural diversity of others

Teamwork – we will work together helping each other to achieve outstanding results

Open communication – we will communicate constructively with openness and honesty

 Strategic Goals: The Board and Community Trust have set out the following strategic goals for the organisation:

Enable people to live productive lives – provide quality and good value services to those who will benefit;

Build trust and confidence in QE Health – as a service provider and as a business;

Be the provider of choice – for Medi-spa, rehabilitation and musculoskeletal programmes;

Work with stakeholders to build value – identify key local and national relationships appropriate to QE Health goals and services, and purposefully develop these to mutual benefit;

Maintain good clinical and business practice – so as to be a solid and sustainable business.


Client Care

  •  Competently assess, diagnose and device client-centred goals. Consult medical and other relevant records if necessary.
  • Be able to use a computer based clinical note system to access, store and retrieve client data and information for assessment and treatment sessions.
  • Explain treatment and alternatives – gain informed consent and document.
  • Use competent treatment skills, warn clients of any dangers and perform safety tests.
  • Assess issues and explains the use of assistive devices and document as appropriate.
  • Keep accurate clinical records and documentation.
  • Timely completion of discharge reports.
  • Attend and contribute towards Allied Health and multi-disciplinary team meetings as necessary.
  • Liaise with other outside health care providers and community based organisations to help provide the best possible care for the client
  • Management of work and organisation of workload.
  • Prompt timekeeping.
  • Plan, facilitate and present client education classes as required.
  • Participate in clinical teaching of students and other staff as necessary.
  • Up-to-date statistics.
  • Instruction of Assistants.


  •  Manage your time to adhere to daily rosters
  • Maintain self-development using available resources, identify, and suggest developmental training needs.
  • Be adaptable and respond appropriately to on-going changes.
  • Maintain business standards for behaviours and professionalism at all times
  • Manage your personal health and wellbeing, including complying with scheduled work breaks and workplace health and safety requirements. 

Team Player

  • Support and encourage other team members.
  • Identify and/or develop collaborative working relationships.
  • Contribute to the wider team by supporting projects and wider QE Health activities.
  • Actively contribute to the development and success of QE Health’s performance.

Health & Safety

  • To recognise Individual Responsibility for Workplace Health and Safety under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
  •  Company health and safety policies are read and understood and relevant procedures applied to their own work activities.
  • Workplace hazards are identified and reported, including self management of hazards where appropriate.
  • Comply with current Health and Safety legislation


  • Other duties as may be reasonably assigned to this position and for which the position holder has received adequate training or instruction.


  • Responds appropriately to patients/staff questions, requests, and problems.
  • Establishes and maintains a rapport and trust with patients/ staff.
  • Communicates clearly and appropriately within own team and with other teams in QE Health.
  • Uses skills to clarify and to confirm understanding of information received.


  • Seeks to learn, develop and improve own practice.
  • Recognises expectations and limitations of own practice.
  • Contributes to continuous quality improvement in QE Health-wide service delivery.
  • Participate in regular Professional supervision.


  • Acknowledges own personal beliefs and values, and works in a way that respects the right of others to hold their own personal beliefs and values.
  • Operates within the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi by demonstrating cultural awareness through partnership, protection, and participation.
  • Complies with patients/staff confidentiality and privacy regulations.
  • Challenges practices that could compromise patients/staff safety, dignity, or privacy.
  • Recognises expectations and limitations of own practice, i.e. scope of practice.
  • Takes responsibility for own actions and outcomes.


  • Complies with relevant legislation, codes of practice and organisational policies and procedures.
  • Takes responsibility for personal health and safety, and of clients and staff.
  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of QE Health procedures in emergency and disaster situations.

Personal Specifications

Essential Desirable
  • Diploma or Degree in Occupational Therapy
  • NZ Registration in Occupational Therapy
  • Current Annual Practising Certificate
  • Member of NZ Occupational Therapists Association (OTNZ)
  • Post Graduate education/qualification
  • Driver’s Licence.
  • Demonstrated competence in occupational therapy practice.
  • Concussion treatment – 2 years
  • Knowledge of:
    • Health Practitioners’ Competency Act
    • Privacy Act
    • Treaty of Waitangi
    • Patients’ Code of Rights/Responsibilities
  • Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics
  • Experience in rheumatology and musculoskeletal conditions:
    • Rehabilitation
    • Neurology
    • ACC Stay at Work programmes
    • Work station assessments
    • Pain management
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Effective communication /interpersonal skills.
  • Effective time management.
  • Report writing skills.
  • Computer skills
  • Accredited Enable assessor
  • Group presentation skills
  • Basic First Aid training
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively in a team.
  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • Self-directed.


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