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Team Leader – Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Therapy

Organisation Northland District Health Board
Area, City Northland, Whangarei
Advert reference Vacancy No: AH20-089
Contact person Heather Blackburn
Contact website and/or email

[email protected]

Contact telephone (09) 4304101 ext 7425
Permanent/temporary Permanent
Full/part time Negotiable
Closing date for applications 28-08-2020




Team Leader Occupational and Speech Language Therapies

Health of Older People and Clinical Support Services



Position Title:



Team Leader Occupational and Speech Language Therapy


Organisation Unit:


Health of Older People and Clinical Support (HOPCS)


Location: Whangarei Hospital, Northland District Health Board


Responsible to: Service Manager, Acute Care of the Elderly and Clinical Support, Northland District Health Board


Primary Functions of the Position:


To deliver and maintain an effective, high quality Occupational and Speech Language Therapy for the Northland District Health Board




Functional Relationships

The Team Leader Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Therapy will develop and maintain excellent relationships with:


Internal External

·         Service Manager, HOPCS

·         General Managers

·          Professional Advisors

·         Occupational and Speech Therapy Staff

·         Clinical Directors and all Medical Staff

·         Operations managers, regional hospitals

·         Clinical Heads of Departments

·          Allied Health Advisors

·         Nursing staff in all wards and departments

·         Finance department staff



·         Other DHB Occupational and Speech Language Managers

·         Community therapists

·         External agencies responsible for provision of occupational and speech therapy

·         Company representatives / suppliers

·         Patients under the care of Northland District Health Board and their support persons





Key Responsibilities and Expected Outcomes

Northland District Health Board has established a set of values by which the organisation will respond, in part, to achieving its goals and objectives through their workforce. The following Values and supporting statements are expected behaviours of each individual employed with NDHB:


Values Supporting Statement
People First

Tangata i te tuatahi

People are central to all we do

Whakaute (tuku mana)

We treat others as they would like to be treated


We nurture those around us, and treat all with dignity and compassion

Whakawhitiwhiti korero

We communicate safely, openly and with respect to promote clear understanding

Taumata teitei (hirangi)

Our attitude of excellence inspires success, competence, confidence and innovation


The position of Team Leader Occupational and Speech Language Therapy, encompasses the following major functions or key result areas:


  • Direct, oversee and provide a prioritised, comprehensive clinical service including delegation of responsibility to other staff members
  • Provide leadership and manage the performance of all dept. staff
  • Provide Occupational Therapy cover to the acute wards
  • Medico-legal responsibilities
  • Audit and certification responsibilities
  • Oversight of internal, inter-departmental and DHB projects, as related to Occupational & Speech therapy
  • Ensure resources available for the provision of service
  • General duties
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Health and Safety
  • Privacy and Confidentiality


The outcome requirements of the above key responsibility areas are outlined below:


Key Responsibility Area Expected Outcomes

Direct and oversee the provision of a prioritised comprehensive clinical service including delegation of responsibility to other staff


·         In consultation with the various Northland District Health Board clinical services, plan, coordinate and oversee provision of a high quality service to Whangarei Hospital in patients and out patients allocating resources appropriately to meet highest need

·         Oversee the coordination of time and service allocation for all staff

·         Ensure patients receive the most appropriate service for safe and effective treatment in a timely manner

·         Provide clinical input to wards when required.

·         Oversee the methods, processes, protocols and policies employed by the staff

·         Ensure participation in multi-disciplinary team working

·         Coordination of and participation in variation of standard hours worked by self and other team members as need dictates



Provide leadership and manage the performance of all staff



·         Provide leadership, direction and motivation for direct reports

·         Ensure communication of relevant information to staff

·         Ensure adequate, skilled staff are available, within current financial constraints

·         Ensure that all new staff are orientated to Northland District Health Board and the service

·         In consultation with appropriate personnel, address staff performance issues and conflict situations

·         Ensure the completion of Performance Reviews with all staff at least annually and that each staff member understands their requirements to meet progression criteria.

·         Ensure the completion of remuneration reviews annually or at other agreed times as agreed with any individual.



Medico-legal responsibilities



·         Maintenance of a current Annual Practising Certificate from the appropriate registration board

·         Participation in a professionally recognised continuing professional development programme

·         Maintenance of professional standards set all staff

·         Ensure that all activities within the service will be conducted within the parameters of appropriate legislation, professional standards of practice and Northland District Health Board policies

·         Confidentiality of all patient information will be maintained

·         Risk minimisation

·         Co-ordinate feedback and service responses to incidents reported via the incident reporting system



Audit and certification responsibilities


·        Ensure all the services are maintained and delivered at a level commensurate with any certification or audit standards

·        Remedy any problems identified in audits



Oversight of internal, inter-departmental and DHB projects, as related to Occupational, Speech Therapy,



·         Co-ordination of personnel in all appropriate projects and communication of these to individuals and other groups


Ensure resources available for the provision of service



·         Ensure staff levels and skill mix are appropriate for the clinical need, within budget constraints

·         Ensure availability and maintenance of clinical recourses, treatment materials, equipment and consumables and non clinical materials necessary to provide a cost effective and quality service.



General duties


·         Oversight of and participation in quality improvement activities and service related projects

·         Participation in variation of standard hours worked as need dictates

·         Attendance at educational and role-related meetings and conferences where appropriate

·         Carries a clinical load   to ensure service is maintained to the patient



Treaty of Waitangi



·         Contribute to the promotion of the principles of Treaty of Waitangi and the involvement if Maori within the decision making process for their health and independence, within District Health Board management processes and procedures

·         Include the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi within all aspects of the role and its outcomes

·         Ensure that consultation and engagement processes include appropriate mechanisms to meet the need of Maori in a culturally appropriate and safe manner

·         Attend the Northland District Health Board Treaty of Waitangi Training



Health & Safety



·         Ensure compliance with designated responsibilities detailed in Northland District Health Board’s Health and Safety Policy and annual objectives

·         Promote an environment of physical, occupational, cultural, ethical and legal safety

·         Participate in the organisation’s Health and Safety Management training programme.

·         Observe and promote safe work practices, rules and instructions relating to work, and be pro-active in hazard management

·         Willingly co-operate in the achievement of all health and safety goals and initiatives by:

–         Practicing and observing safe work methods;

–         The use of safety equipment;

–         Reporting unsafe conditions or equipment; and

–         Reporting and documenting all accidents or incidents



Privacy and Confidentiality


·         Undertake all duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, Health Information Privacy Code 1994, and Northland DHB’s Privacy Policies and Procedures

·         Complete mandatory induction training on Privacy responsibilities



Variation of Duties

Duties and responsibilities described above should not be construed as a complete and exhaustive list as it is not the intention to limit in any way the scope or functions of the position. Duties and responsibilities may be amended from time to time, in consultation with the employee, to meet any changing conditions and service requirements.


Person Specification


Education and Qualifications


Essential Desirable
·         Registration with the relevant New Zealand registration board and holder of a current annual practising certificate


·         Post graduate qualification in a relevant field





Essential Desirable
·         Minimum 5 years clinical experience

·         Experience in influencing/leading a team

·         Experience in service development

·         Hospital clinical experience

·         Experience of working in a multidisciplinary team



Awareness and Understanding of


Essential Desirable
·         The Treaty of Waitangi and its application to the health setting

·         Privacy Act (1993) and Health Information Privacy Code (1994)

·         Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

·         Health and Disability Commissioner (Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights) Regulations (1996)

·         New Zealand Council of Healthcare Standards


Skills & Personal Attributes


o    Competent computer skills

o    Excellent written and verbal communication skills

o    Ability to lead and motivate staff

o    Shows initiative and works proactively to achieve goals

o    Demonstrates a high level of current technical and professional skills and knowledge

o    Ability to manage and prioritise tasks appropriately

o    Innovative

o    Ability to anticipate and respond to changing demands and expectations



Personal Attributes
·         Outcome focused

·         Team orientated

·         Self motivated

·         Commitment to personal professional development and that of others

·         Organised and methodical

·         Ability to interact with all levels of clinical and non-clinical staff



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