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2020 AGM Voting Process

Below is the process of how to vote at the 2020 AGM (now the adjourned SGM) through Zoom. If you have any questions, please contact us at membership@otnz.co.nz

Update – we have updated the voting process based on the feedback of our members from the last Zoom AGM:


To aid with expediency in the vote counting (and to not draw attention to group/proxy voters’ individual votes), both the individual votes and the group/proxy votes will now be collected via Zoom Poll. For each motion there will now be two Zoom polls. The first poll is for individuals only. If you are in a group or have a proxy votes, please do not vote in this poll (including for yourself).

Ony pre-registered group/proxy voters can cast a vote in the second poll, for group/proxy voters. This registration needs to be complete before the SGM starts and by 6.30pm-6.50pm on December 10, at the latest, but preferably the day before.

The second poll will have three mandatory questions, In Favour, Against, Abstain (you need to answer all questions, even if that requires filling in zero votes for one or more of the other options). The video above gives an example of this.

Please note that the combined total of your group votes AND your proxy votes cannot exceed nine (9) people (including yourself). This is because Zoom limits the number of poll answers.

As well as abstaining, you can elect to not enter a poll (as an individual), or simply omit one of the votes from your total group/proxy votes.

Points of Order: You can raise a point of order at any time by putting on your video and/or microphone and stating “Point of Order” to attract the Chair’s attention.