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A Guide to Using Telehealth - Enable New Zealand 2020

Enable New Zealand’s Guide to using Telehealth
Given the unique situation in which we are now finding ourselves operating in, we have pulled together a guide for the use of Telehealth in outreach assessments.  This technique will prove invaluable over the coming weeks and months, as we operate in an environment where physical proximity and direct contact is severely limited.
This document (attached) pulls together some practical and useful tips we have discovered when providing housing and wheelchair and seating outreach appointments via Telehealth over time. Our Enable New Zealand outreach teams have been providing Telehealth services for a number of years, primarily when we have been faced with cancelled flights, last minute changes to travel plans or when clients are needing to be seen in some of the far reaching areas of the Enable New Zealand regions. 
The information provided in this guide is based on our experience using Telehealth and we hope you find it useful for your own practice.